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Dental Fluoride Treatments

Atlanta & Marietta Dentists, Family-Owned Practice

The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. believes that preventative dental care is equally as important as treating dental problems after they occur. We want all of our patients to leave our office with strong and healthy smiles. This is why our dentists often recommend that patients receive fluoride treatments after dental cleanings. Fluoride treatments are proven to be a safe and effective way to prevent serious tooth decay.

Fluoride works by:

  • Killing disease-causing bacteria
  • Guarding against tooth sensitivity
  • Seeping into hard-to-reach places to prevent further damage

To receive gentle and effective fluoride treatments from our Atlanta and Marietta dentists, we welcome you to call our office today.

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Fluoride Treatments for Adults & Children

Dental professionals have long recommended fluoride treatment for children, believing that it was only effective in treating developing teeth. In recent years, however, new research has shown that the topical fluoride found in toothpaste, mouth rinses, and professional fluoride treatments is also effective in fighting tooth decay in adult teeth.

So, why do I need additional treatment?

  • Are you taking a medication that causes “dry-mouth” as a side effect? Fluoride is a solution that can combat the plaque build-up that results from not having enough lubrication in the mouth.
  • Have you experienced any type of gum disease, or have you noticed that your gums are receding? An extra dose of fluoride can help prevent bacteria from raiding those newly exposed surfaces.
  • Fluoride can aid restoration after having fillings or repairing any type of tooth decay.
  • Fluoride can help keep your crown or bridge edges from harboring unreachable bacteria. Remember: a crowned tooth is not always safe from decay!

Additional fluoride treatments are recommended as part of any preventative regimen to maintain a healthy and strong smile. Our teeth come in contact with so much potentially damaging plaque and bacteria each day that even the most diligent of us could use some extra help!

Call us for gentle & effective care.

Fluoride treatments are painless and generally fairly quick. The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. professionals apply concentrated doses of fluoride onto our patients’ teeth to can protect and restore teeth on a microscopic level. The next time you are getting your teeth cleaned by a professional from The Szikman Dental Group, P.C., don’t forget to include an additional fluoride treatment after each cleaning— and enjoy your sparkling, healthy teeth!

For more information about fluoride treatments, call our experienced dentists today!

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