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We leverage technology to ensure the most comfortable and safe procedures.

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At The Szikman Dental Group, P.C., our dentists want to provide our patients with the most effective treatment possible to maintain healthy and beautiful teeth. Sometimes endodontic therapy is necessary to save a tooth from being extracted in order to provide you with a great smile.

Our Atlanta & Marietta dentists provide complimentary amenities to make sure you are as relaxed as possible during your visit and throughout your procedure. Pain-free procedures are our goal, and we do our best to maximize your comfort and minimize your fears.

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What is endodontic therapy?

Traditionally called a root canal, endodontic therapy is performed to save a damaged or decayed tooth that would otherwise require extraction. During the procedure, our dentists treat the soft inner portion of the tooth (called the pulp) while maintaining its outer structure.

We do this by first drilling an opening into the crown of the damaged tooth to access the sometimes complex root canal system. We remove the infected pulp from the canals and use tiny instruments to clean and reshape the chambers, readying them to be refilled with a rubber-like compound called gutta percha. A cement material is then applied to seal the canals and prevent bacteria from reentering. The salvaged tooth is then ready to be restored with a crown or tooth-colored filling.

What are the signs that I may need endodontic therapy (root canal)?

  • Severe tooth ache and pains, especially when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth
  • Severe or prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures while eating or drinking, especially if the pain remains after the heat or cold source has been removed
  • Discoloration of the tooth
  • Swelling and pain in the gums surrounding the painful tooth
  • A persistent “pimple” or “blister” that appears on the gums near an infected tooth

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, call The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. to find out if you are in need of endodontic therapy. Many patients begin to panic when they learn they need a root canal, but with today’s technology, the procedure can be done without any pain.

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The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. has become well-known among patients for our gentle and friendly approach, which is especially calming for those who are nervous about dental visits. Our office is thoughtfully designed to create a calm and comfortable atmosphere, and our staff are trained to explain any and all processes so patients feel informed and relaxed.

Don’t wait for your damaged or decayed tooth to cause you even more pain and oral damage! The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. aims to have every single patient walk out of our office with a smile on their face.

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