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We leverage technology to ensure the most comfortable and safe procedures.

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Our associates at The Szikman Dental Group, P.C. want to make sure that you are confident in your smile. One important factor that can help you achieve a great and healthy smile is through regular cleanings.

Atlanta cosmetic dentistry

Optimal dental health requires a partnership between the patient and the dentist. You practice good oral hygiene habits at home, and we finish the job by providing regular professional cleaning that effectively removes plaque — that sticky, bacteria-filled film that gathers along the gum line and other hard-to-reach spots. We can also remove the damaging particles by using professional tools that range from the traditional scraping instruments to ultrasonic machines that work to loosen plaque deposits with high-frequency sound waves.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

This is how a standard dental cleaning might go, but depending on your unique needs, we may use additional procedures for better results!

  • First is the ultrasonic treatment. – We use an instrument that will rotate and vibrate on your teeth to loosen tartar that has built up. Water will be sprayed while the cleaning is underway to rinse away debris. This isn’t painful, and only a small amount of pressure is applied.
  • Your hygienist will then scale your teeth – Once the major deposits are washed away, we will begin working on any smaller areas that couldn’t be reached with the ultrasonic treatment. Your dental hygienist will use a small curved instrument to remove any additional tartar in the grooves and crevices of your teeth.
  • Now it’s time to polish – Now that all of the surface debris is gone, we will polish your teeth to make sure the surfaces are smooth. This will help prevent food and bacteria from getting caught in the teeth and also make your smile sparkle!
  • Last, if you choose, we will administer a fluoride treatment – This treatment will combat tooth decay and cavities. It is recommended for all ages, regardless of the health of your teeth. We will apply a fluoride gel and let it sit for approximately 5 minutes, then the gel is washed away.

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At The Szikman Dental Group, P.C., we specialize in teaching our patients how to maintain strong and healthy smiles. We perform services from preventative measures like cleaning, to repairs and cosmetic dentistry. Make sure you visit us at least twice a year for your regular cleanings!

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